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Volkswirtschaftslehre IV - Microeconomics: Prof. Dr. Stefan Napel

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Economics Research Seminar

The Economics Research Seminar will take place in S 64, RW I unless indicated otherwise.

Winter Term 2023/24



Dozent / Titel


16 c.t.

Miriam Kohl, Universität Mainz
"Progressive taxation, rent sharing, and international trade"


16 c.t.

Ulysse Lojkine, Université Paris Nanterre
"A general power index"


16 c.t.

Joint Talk P&E
Menusch Khadjavi, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam & Kiel Institute for the World Economy
"Malleable choice bracketing and pro-social behavior"


16 c.t.

Giulio Zanella, University of Bologna 
"College, cognitive ability, and socioeconomic disadvantage:policy lessons from the UK in 1960-2004"


16 c.t.

Katharina Erhardt, DICE Düsseldorf
"Go wide or go deep: Margins of export growth"

13.12.16 c.t.

Melanie Häner, Universität Luzern & IWP 
"Social persistence and its drivers – An analysis of sibling correlation in Switzerland"

20.12.16 c.t.

Luca De Benedictis, University of Macerata & Luiss
"Discrimination, political orientation and the probability to emigrate: University professors in fascist Italy"


16 c.t.

Sabien Dobbelaere, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 
"Organised labour, labour market imperfections, and employer wage premia"


16 c.t.

Stefan Seifert, Universität Bayreuth
"Combinatorial auctions for renewable energy"
31.01.16 c.t.

Alexander Kuo, University of Oxford
"Public support for technology regulation: Evidence from 5 EU countries"

07.02.16 c.t.

Joint Talk H&E
Felix Schaff, European University Institute
"Inheritance and wealth inequality in a historical developing economy"​

MSc Economics students who would like to get ECTS points for the research seminar in the module "Individueller Schwerpunkt" should contact Prof. Dr. Stefan Napel at the beginning of the semester. MA Philosophy & Economics students who have questions should contact Prof. Dr. Hartmut Egger.

With the following link you can embed the dates of the current seminar into your electronic calendar (e.g. Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar): https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0?cid=M3Q1OXRtcmtybnRoamtjc21va2E4NGRzN3NAZ3JvdXAuY2FsZW5kYXIuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbQ

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