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Volkswirtschaftslehre IV - Microeconomics: Prof. Dr. Stefan Napel

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Economics Research Seminar

Winter Term 2018/19


Time / Room

Lecturer / Title


16 s.t., S 64

Christine Benesch, Universität St. Gallen
“Online Information and Voting”


16 s.t., S 64

Laurent Linnemer, CREST
“Partial Exclusivity”


16 s.t., S 64

Jan Stuhler, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
“The Dynamic Response of Municipal Fiscal Budgets to Revenue Shocks”


16 s.t., S 64

Burkhard Hehenkamp, Universität Paderborn
“Location Choice and Quality Competition in Mixed Hospital Markets”

27.11.18 c.t., S 62
  Joint Talk
Uskali Mäki, University of Helsinki
“Bad by definition? Economics imperialism and norms of inquiry”


16 s.t., S 64
​  Joint Talk

Frank Hüttner, ESMT Berlin
“Learning fast and slow: a rational inattention approach”

05.12.16 s.t., S 64

Mengxi Zhang, Universität Bonn
“Auctions vs. Negotiations: Optimal Selling Mechanism with Endogenous Bidder Values”


16 s.t., S 64

Jonas Dovern, Universität Heidelberg
“How do Firms Form Expectations of Aggregate Growth? New Evidence from a Large-scale Business Survey in Germany”


16 s.t., S 64

Steffen Müller, IWH Halle und Universität Magdeburg
“Explaining Wage Losses after Job Displacement: Employer Size and Lost Firm Rents”


16 s.t., S 64

Guillem Roig, Universidad del Rosario
“Project Selection and Strategic Information Disclosure”


16 s.t., S 64

Britta Gehrke, FAU Nürnberg
“Wages and Financial Frictions”


16 s.t., S 64

Thilo Albers, HU Berlin 
“The Trade Channel of the Great Depression”

MSc Economics students who would like to get ECTS points for the research seminar in the modul "Individueller Schwerpunkt" should contact Prof. Dr. Stefan Napel at the beginning of the semester.

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