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Volkswirtschaftslehre IV - Microeconomics: Prof. Dr. Stefan Napel

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Economics Research Seminar

The Economics Research Seminar will take place in S 64, RW I unless indicated otherwise.

Summer Term 2023



Dozent / Titel


16 c.t.

Florian Trouvain, Michigan University
"Technology Adoption, Innovation, and Inequality in a Global World"


16 c.t.

Marc-Andreas Muendler, UCSD San Diego
"The World Trade Organization and U.S. Domestic Politics"


16 c.t.

Claus-Jochen Haake, Universität Paderborn
"Playing Games with QCA: Qualitative Comparative Analysis and the Banzhaf Power Index"


16 c.t.

Charlotte Bartels, DIW 
"Born in the Land of Milk and Honey: The Impact of Hometown Growth on Individual Wealth"


16 c.t.

Florian Unger, Universität Göttingen
"Financial Development and Export Concentration"

07.06.16 c.t.

Tuuli-Anna Saaria Huikuri, Universität Zürich 
"Keep, Exit, or Renegotiate? Developing countries' bargaining power in investment treaty negotiations"

13.06.16 c.t.
S 72, NW II

Joint Talk
Matthias Brinkmann, LMU München
"What, if Anything, is Morally Wrong with Inflation"


16 c.t.

Joint Talk
Dean Lueck, Indiana University 
"The Institutional Legacy of the Mexican Rancho System in California"


16 c.t.

Emre Özdenören, London Business School
"On the Fragility of DeFi Lending"
28.06.16 c.t.

Andreas Freytag, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
"Institution Transfers, The Marshall Plan, Europe, and Ukraine: An Analytical Narrative"

12.07.16 c.t.Silke Anger, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg
"Making Integration Work? Facilitating Access to Occupational Recognition and Migrants' Labor Market Performance"
19.07.16 c.t.Maximilian von Ehrlich, Universität Bern
"The Fragility of Urban Social Networks"

MSc Economics students who would like to get ECTS points for the research seminar in the module "Individueller Schwerpunkt" should contact Prof. Dr. Stefan Napel at the beginning of the semester. MA Philosophy & Economics students who have questions should contact Prof. Dr. Hartmut Egger.

With the following link you can embed the dates of the current seminar into your electronic calendar (e.g. Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar): https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0?cid=M3Q1OXRtcmtybnRoamtjc21va2E4NGRzN3NAZ3JvdXAuY2FsZW5kYXIuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbQ

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